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Welcome to the Friends of Will Burns website.

As a ward, we face many challenges from economic uncertainty, to underperforming schools, crime in our neighborhoods, and corruption in our politics. As State Representative, I worked hard to address these issues. As Alderman for the Fourth Ward of Chicago, I will work hard to protect our communities from crime, help our schools produce students able and ready to compete in the 21st Century, fight for transparency and openness in government, and protect our environment. These are not problems that can be set aside, but rather must be dealt with in a clear and transparent manner, and with the input of our entire community so that we can create a better city for future generations.

The Fourth Ward of Chicago is a community with a rich history; a center of culture and ideas and a hub for arts and learning, and we must work to continue and enhance that great tradition. We are bonded together through our shared interest and participation in the daily life of the Fourth Ward, and we can build on the work of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to ensure a greater ward and city for our children.

This website will keep you updated on activities and news from our office, and I look forward to hearing from you about your concerns and feelings of how we can improve and develop the Fourth Ward and Chicago. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook too.


Will Burns


Letter to the Sun Times re: Dyett High School Closing

January 19, 2012News Clip

The Chicago Public Schools have announced plans to close Dyett High School and send Dyett students to Wendell Phillips Academy and Price Elementary. CPS also announced its intentions to turn over the management of Fuller Elementary to the Academy for Urban School Leadership. This plan is touted as a way to improve some of the worst-performing schools in Chicago. But I believe that the approach proposed for the schools in the fourth ward is shortsighted and wrong. The underutilization of Dyett and Price is directly related to the reality of those schools in the community.

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